Rapidly Deploy your IT at the EDGE!

As complex IT environments move to the EDGE, organisations are struggling to keep up with distributed IT systems to support new edge applications, migrating computing and storage closer to their users for improved response times, whilst also trying to rapidly deploy across multiple sites.  

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is simply optimising data processing. The vast amount of data created by organisations can not always wait to be processed off site by corporate networks or cloud providers.  This data produced by users devices, machines, machines to machine (M2M) connections, can be collected and analysed at the edge to provide immediate insights for business and applications that can not afford any delays due to latency. 

Edge computing places content, data and processing closer to the applications, things, and users that consume and interact with them.” 

Collaborate IT partner with vendors that specialise in delivering a broad portfolio of intelligent infrastructure systems, software and services that address the reliability, scalability and management challenges you face as your edge evolves. 

Education IT Edge

Schools and universities are rapidly learning to meet digital needs of their students by implementing remote learning, as well as shifting to more interactive learning experiences with AI technologies. Because of this shift, data security is now a focus, especially as personal student information being stored online.

Edge education sites are being deployed directly where the data is consumed, but also could be an entire building on campus. Though the size of the IT teams may vary, the digital requirements are still the same. Learn more about Edge computing in the education space, and how our solutions are addressing their needs.

Healthcare IT Edge

Telehealth has become a primary focus for healthcare organizations, from large hospital systems to small independent physician practices. It is more important now more than ever to implement secure, reliable IT systems. Learn more about the infrastructure challenges associated with telehealth, and what IT infrastructure solutions can help. 

Manufacturing IT Edge

Is your business ready? ‘Industry 4.0’, the fourth revolution in the manufacturing industry, has seen an increased reliance on automation and artificial intelligence to optimize and speed up logistics and supply chains. Manufacturers must be able to come up with ways to seamlessly integrate technology into everyday manufacturing operations, driven by data and machine learning. Learn more about how Vertiv can help manage critical infrastructure at the edge. 

Retail IT Edge
Is your IT equipment struggling to keep up with increased digital demand? Throughout the pandemic, retailers were faced with booming online shopping demand and a slowing economy. Edge computing for retailers has shifted, through implementing new technologies such as AI.  This increased reliance on digital activities puts strain on IT infrastructure, and retail stores are continuing to adapt to this new way of thinking. See how many retailers are beginning to address these ongoing challenges and how an infrastructure vendor, like Vertiv, can help.