CertaUPS C400
Online 1kVA - 3kVA UPS

The CertaUPS C400 series presents the next generation of true online double conversion UPS solutions. Featuring enhanced DSP design for improved precision and reliable control, the C400 range is the most reliable of its kind. Perfect for small to medium sized offices, telecoms centres and security facilities. 

Manufactured using superior quality materials, including high quality solder paste for double layered PCBs. The C400 units, though sophisticated in their design, are delivered ready for immediate use and are suitable for all loads requiring true uninterrupted power. 

Suggested applications: Small/Medium IT Systems, Telecoms & Security Facilities

Key Features:

“A C400, 1000VA is now supporting one of the fastest growing design and marketing firms in the North. After suffering from frequent power fluctuations, which have cost the company £1000s in lost data, it decided to install a CertaUPS C400. Not only is the UPS unit ensuring that a smooth clean supply of power is being delivered, it is also safeguarding against any critical power losses” 

UPS Models: