The perfect site survey ensures you invest in the right solution from day one. This is why we offer two options.  The first option covers both critical power requirements such as UPS and rack PDUs. Depending on what is required the critical power survey assesses the access to site, your electrical infrastructure and its suitability for the new UPS and/or rack PDU solution, the required IT load and autonomy satisfies your need. 

The second option covers IT infrastructure and includes out of band connectivity to servers and network switches. The IT infrastructure survey reviews the type of IT devices and connections you have, where they are located, who needs access as well as security. This helps us to identify the best fit solution whilst also keeping your costs down. 


At Collaborate IT, we offer a unique service where we preconfigure the network settings, upgrade the firmware to the latest release and install rack mounting kits for each appliance before dispatch. This ensures minimum downtime and maximum uptime and availability. With lack of resources available whilst trying to keep up with day to day tasks, the preconfiguration service simplifies implementation where all you have to do is literally unbox, rack mount and connect cables for easy installation. This service is available for KVM switches, serial console servers and rack PDUs. 


A successful uninterruptible power supply installation can help ensure your power protection system runs at peak performance for years to come. Our electrical installation service covers all the components, cables, circuit boards, and miniature circuit breakers required to connect the UPS to the mains supply. We offer both normal working hours and out of hours service. All installation work is subject to quotation following an on-site power survey to establish your exact requirements.


Our installation service ensures you have a solution installed and ready to use from day one. We unbox each appliance, install the mounting kits, rack mount the appliances, connect the input power cords and network cables, and ensure the appliances are configured and operational.  The service also covers installation of DSVIEW and other supported centralised management software tools we specialise in. We can assist with setting up the software, configuring access rights and permissions for security, as well as ensuring connectivity to each of the appliances installed for complete peace of mind.


Our comprehensive commissioning service gives you the technical assistance to guarantee your system is installed safely and correctly to certified standards. Our expert engineers will ensure installation has been completed correctly, carry out necessary final checks, and power up the system so it’s ready for action. Commissioning also includes an all-encompassing demonstration of the UPS before handover.


Our health check service ensures your invested solution is optimised for peak performance and working as it should do.  We go through firmware and software updates, as well as security patches. It enables us to connect with your team to go through any technical queries, discuss market trends, upcoming product launches and how other clients are addressing similar IT challenges.  

We work closely with our key vendors to ensure our clients are always well informed of software or firmware updates, security updates, new product launches, as well as new market trends. This ensures our clients are able to proactively decide how to address new IT challenges whilst technology continues to evolve.