Decades of expertise within the industry has allowed Vertiv to build a strong portfolio and deliver impeccable services. Vertiv™ provides a comprehensive portfolio of rack enclosures, critical power, rack PDUs, cooling, IT infrastructure and services from its core brands Geist™, Liebert® and Avocent®. Vertiv's market-leading line up of fully integrated hardware and software solutions are all designed for rapid deployment and quick-and-easy start-up. With Vertiv's solutions you can ensure your mission-critical applications run uninterrupted. 

Eaton provide to IT and data rooms the integrated and intelligent physical infrastructure, which includes power protection (UPS), power distribution (rack PDUs), housing solutions (IT racks) as well as virtualisation-ready power management software. Tripp-Lites expansive product portfolio transforms Eaton’s distributed IT infrastructure and connectivity equipment capabilities. The addition of Tripp-Lites complementary product offerings enhance the breadth of our edge computing and distributed IT product portfolio. 

nVent is the data centre industry's leading provider of power products, including the most innovative energy managements solutions for intelligent power distribution, environmental management, and security access control. The Enlogic brand has quickly become widely regarded as the technology innovation leader in energy management, helping data centres across the world to improve operational efficiency and optimize energy utilisation.

Zonit is a manufacturer of innovative power distribution solutions for the critical power industry. The ZONIT product family is designed to reduce risk, increase uptime, improve safety, and lower operating costs in any mission-critical application. Our innovative products are supported by an extensive set of patents that deliver unique solutions to the power distribution issues our users face when designing and operating IT facilities. 

The Netio products company is a Czech producer of PDUs (power distribution units), smart power strips and power cables that can be controlled over LAN and WIFI. We are headquartered in Prague and our products are designed and manufactured in Czech Republic (Europe). We provide many power socket variants and different form factors for different application areas (PDUs for data centre racks, din versions for smart building and electromobility applications, cables for compact solutions).

PDU Expert is a proven PDU manufacturer and innovator of power management solutions for data centres of all sizes. We have launched hundreds of problem solving PDU solutions, and remove committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the rapidly changing needs of out clients.  

This commitment is supported by investment in advanced research, solution focused product development, world class manufacturing and collaboration with customers at a forefront of technology.