Tripp-lite Rack PDU
Basic metered rack pdu

Tripp Lite's E-PDUMH16HV 3.8kW Single-Phase Metered Power Distribution Unit (PDU) provides reliable 200/220/230/240V power to 10 outlets (8 x C13, 2 x C19) from a UPS system, generator or utility (mains) source. A digital meter displays real-time current draw of connected equipment, allowing IT personnel to monitor the PDU’s load on site to avoid overloads as devices are added. 

Key Features

Digital Load Meter for Real-time Visual Monitoring

A load meter provides the real-time load level (in amps) of connected equipment to help ensure that the PDU is used at maximum capacity without danger of overload. Total output capacity is 16A (12A/10A CE max per C13 outlet and 16A max per C19 outlet). 

Real-time visual data from local current monitoring helps administrators and installers balance load levels to prevent circuit overloads that cause downtime.

2 Year Warranty and Environmentally Responsible Design

The PDUMH16HV comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s manufactured in compliance with strict RoHS specifications, reflecting Tripp Lite’s commitment to environmental responsibility. 


Package Includes

Technical Specification