CertaUPS C550R
Online 6kVA - 10kVA UPS

The CertaUPS C550R provides ultimate efficiency with a unity power factor (1). Online double conversion UPS provides continuous support to critical loads offering 6-10 kVA power support options. When positioned in a rackmount form the 6kVA model can be contained within 3U whilst the 10kVA model can be contained within 5U. Both the 6kVA/6kW and the 10kVA/10kW models are <600mm in depth, meaning it can be installed seamlessly into all racks. Rack mounting rails included for easy installation.

For a more resilient solution, up to 3 UPS units can be connected in parallel to share the critical load or provide N+1 redundancy.

Suggested applications: Data Centres, Server Rooms, IT, Telecoms and Networking

Key Features:

“A leading NHS trust within a large teaching hospital is now supported by CertaUPS. Due to the nature of the environment any loss in power could have catastrophic and life threatening consequences. Installed to protect critical equipment within the recovery wards, the C550 is providing essential power protection for the trust.” 

UPS Models: