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Flexible Range of Power Cables

This exclusive range of IEC power cables are designed to meet the demands of any electrical requirement and are typically used with power distribution units (PDUs) or UPS to power equipment. 

The 0.75mm2 enhanced PVC jacket cable conforms to global standards, and are available in various lengths, and colours (Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, Green and Orange).

Use different coloured IEC power cords to enable you to clearly identify and differentiate between power paths for different and redundant applications, and help you stay on top of your IT. 

Key Features and Benefits

Easy Identification

Minimise downtime by easily identify power paths with coloured IEC power cords.

Reduce Cable Management

Improve airflow and reduce cable management by using the right length power cords.

Colour and Size Options

IEC C13 to C14: Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, and Orange, in various sizes to suit your IT environment.
IEC C15 to C14: Black, Red, and Blue, in various sizes to suit your IT environment.
IEC C19 to C20: Black, White, Red, Blue, and Orange, in various sizes to suit your IT environment.

Technical Specification

Full Moulded / Approved
IEC C13 to C14: HO5VV-F 0.75mm2 cable
IEC C15 to C14: HO5VV-F 1.0mm2 cable
IEC C19 to C20: HO5VV-F 1.5mm2 cable

Input Power Cords

Our input power cord range includes BS1363 3pin UK, 2 pin Euro Schuko, and Commando plugs (16A and 32A) terminating to IEC C7 figure 8, IEC C5 Cloverleaf, IEC C13, and IEC C19 respectively, and are available between 1m to 10m lengths depending on type of cable.