Cool IT

Integrated cooling

The Vertiv™ VRC-S Micro Data Centre with integrated Cooling System provides cooling for small IT rooms.

  • Fast, easy installation and set-up: Self-contained VRC100 series models include integrated heat rejection system, pre-charged with refrigerant, and plug connection for quick plug-and-play installation.

  • Designed to fit within standard 19" network rack rails.

  • Easy to handle; under 150 lbs.

  • Saves floor space: Self-contained rack-mounted cooling system: 10U.

  • Standard three-year warranty covering every component of the system.

Vertiv Switchair Rack airflow

The Vertiv™ Geist™ SwitchAir™ helps prevent failure by channelling cool air from the front of the rack to the air intakes regardless of where the equipment is mounted.

  • Creates a barrier to effectively prevent hot exhaust air from recirculating to device intakes.

  • Simple and quick installation in all standard racks or cabinets.

  • Reduces the chance of network switches overheating and premature equipment failure due to high intake temperatures by directing cool air to device intakes.

  • Improves equipment efficiency by providing network equipment with the same cold aisle air temperature as other devices in the rack.

  • Standard three-year warranty, upgraded to five years with product registration