monitor IT

VERtiv watchdog
environmental monitoring

The Vertiv Geist Watchdog Environmental Monitor, protects critical IT infrastructure by strategically monitoring data centre, server room and network closet environments.

  • View real time sensor data from a secure web interface and receive alerts via Email, SNMP, or Email-to-SMS.

  • Receive alerts of out-of-range conditions to ensure they are addressed before resulting in downtime.

  • On-board temperature, humidity, and dew point sensor.

  • Add additional sensors to expand the monitoring capabilities.

  • Simple to install and configure, requires no special software other than a standard web browser.

Vertiv environet

remote monitoring

The Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert provides industry companies with critical facility monitoring software that is affordable and easy to use.

  • Increase business flexibility – Vendor neutral SNMP device management at no additional cost to run your business the way you need.

  • Affordable solution – Environet™ Alert is a budget-friendly solution, making it easy for SMBs and enterprises to deploy systems.

  • Fast and easy configuration – Manage your own system configuration and changes, eliminating the need for support touchpoints (optional service packages are available).

  • Customize your data – Set your own views with our modern user interface to focus on the data you need most for your job

  • Connect all operations – Use our API to connect to remote DCIM and building management systems (BMS) for a more complete picture of your operations.