PATCHSEE Network Cables

The PatchSee solution was designed from the outset to meet the expectations of network designers and managers in terms of efficiency, performance and security. With PATCHSEE, your network management benefits from an exclusive technology that lets you identify data connections and strategic links quickly and efficiently. Today, over 15 million PATCHSEE cables are up and running around the world, proving both the market need and PATCHSEE performance in many fields. Compatible with all existing network hardware, PATCHSEE offers unparalleled ease-of-use, security and speed during maintenance and troubleshooting operations for data centers, computer rooms, network racks and more.

PatchSee are the only RJ45 cables in the world with optical technology

To locate your RJ45 cables, the light is transmitted from one end to the other by two plastic optical fibers integrated into the cable. 






How does it work?

The light is transmitted by two Plastic Optical Fibres (POF) running through the length of the cables which are bent back at 180° inside the boots at each extremity. 

Concept demonstration: Transmission of the light 

The Plastic Optical Fibres (POF) are maintained in accessible position by a plastic boot and along the inner sides of the cable to carry the light injection. The transmission of light does not disturb the electric performance in any way. 

The light is injected by the ECO PATCHLIGHT or PRO PATCHLIGHT which is placed over the boot at one end of a patch cord in use. The other end of the patch cord is identified thanks to the two luminous dots. 

PatchSee ThinPatch Cord

ThinPATCH RJ45 Patch Cords are designed, and individual tested for connections between the network equipment and patch panels, and for network user outlet. They are guaranteed for cat 6A, cat 6 and cat 5E TIA/EIA-568.2-D component tests, to get a Channel Link certified on a Permanent Link certified for transmission frequencies of up to 500 MHz. They are compatible with the 10 Gigabits applications, and standard compliance with ISO/IEC 11801-2: 2017 and Amd 1. 

PatchSee ThinPatch Cord Features

PatchSee PatchClip

PatchClips are designed for the PATCHSEE cables and provide security and more flexibility to identify your connected device by applications, device type or department. The removable clips are easy to attach and interchange which means less cable wastage. The PatchClips protect the RJ45 connector locking tab. In addition the PatchClips are available in a pack of 50 in 16 different colours for easy and visual cable identification. 

PatchSee PatchLight

The PatchLight, designed for professionals, boasts exceptional light intensity and seamless usability. The PatchLight can operate continuous for up to 8 hours on a single charge, with a lifetime of 10,000 hours. Using the injector light nozzle, simply affix the PatchLight to the PatchSee cable, activate it, and effortlessly track the emitted light at the cable's opposite end, freeing your hands from constant holding. The PatchLight offers both steady illumination and flashing modes, enhancing visibility and facilitating easy identification of where the opposite end of the cable is located. Available in red, green, or white light variants, each PatchLight includes a protective bag, batteries, and charger unit for added convenience. 

PatchSee RJ45 cables are POE, POE+ and 4PPOE Compatible

More and more active equipment and devices are accepting and requiring a Power Over Ethernet (POE) supply. It is important for the user to have the assurance that their cables will be compatible with the electrical power required by the devices.  

Depending on the ranges and categories, the PATCHSEE, DESKPATCH and ThinPATCH cables are manufactured with 24, 26 and 28 gauges (American Wire Gauge: AWG). The higher the figure, the thinner the copper in the pair conductors. 

PoE and PoE+:

In September 2005, the IEEE 802.3at working group officially started working on the PoE + pre-standard to take into account the use of 2 pairs of the Cat 5 Ethernet cable to provide a current of 1250 mA and a power of 60 W to powered equipment. This is to expand the market with more devices and therefore more potential customers.

To date, two standards govern the interoperability of equipment:

Standard IEEE P802.3bt, also called 4PPoE (4-Pair Power over Ethernet), or PoE++ by extending the name PoE+ of standard IEEE 802.3at, introduces two additional levels of maximum power delivered by the switch, type 3 with 55 W (with a maximum current per pair of 600 mA) and type 4 with 90 W (with a maximum current per pair of 960 mA) distributed over the 4 pairs of the Ethernet cable.

Compared with the PoE and PoE+ standards that use two pairs out of four, with equal power output, the 4PPoE improves overall energy efficiency because the losses are halved. For a constant current, the power effectively delivered on four pairs is higher than that available on two pairs.

Approved in March 2017, TSB-184-A provides recommendations for twisted-pair cables that support and power direct current, as well as data routed to networked devices in new installations and applications. It also provides recommendations for managing temperature rises in cables and maintaining operation below maximum temperatures.

Table 2- Temparature rise in air for a category of 28 AWG cord cable v. number of cables in bundle for different current levels per pair (TBD)

Finally, TIA/EIA, AWG 28 patch cords, which are popular in high-density patch areas because of their smaller diameter that helps reduce congestion, improve airflow and reduce the curvature radius, are also now recognised in a normative annex to TIA/EIA-568.2-D.

The standard introduces the idea of “asymmetric DC resistance” within a pair. This is the difference in resistance (on a direct current) of two wires in a pair that must not exceed a certain value. More practically, the standard recommends that the pairs used for POE have similar electrical resistances. 

Test Procedure
PATCHSEE tests the electrical and light transmission performance of each cable to ensure the quality, performance and the compliance of its cables.  Each patch cord has a unique serial number allowing the traceability of its manufacturing series.

PatchSee Accessories

PatchSee ThinPatch Available in 11 lengths: 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m 3.1m, 4m and 4.9m.

PatchSee PatchClips Available in 16 colours: Black, Electric Blue, Fluo Blue, Fluo Green, Fluo Pink, Fuchsia, Light Blue, Medium Grey, Medium Green, Orange, Pine Green, Red, Turquoise, Violet, White, and Yellow.

PatchSee PatchLight Available with Red, Green, or White injector light.

Technical Information