nvent enlogic
En2000 switched pdu

The nVent enLogic Input Metered, Outlet Switched PDU combines energy metering, power and environmental monitoring with remote outlet on/off switching to monitor, protect, and manage the rack environment. Utility grade metering at the phase input and internal circuit breaker levels provides comprehensive overload monitoring. Outlet power-up sequencing protects against inrush current overload and allows users to define equipment boot-up order and timing. While remote on/off control allows authorized users to power-cycle remote equipment. Advanced network management features allow for remote access & integration with accessories including environmental monitoring and security access solutions 

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Advanced Network Management

Network Connectivity: Dual ports: 1x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) and 1x (10/100 Mbps) connection/IP address

Ethernet Cascading: Up to 64 units share a single “daisy-chain” Ethernet connection/IP address

DC Power Sharing: Each PDU can provide DC power sufficient to power network management electronics and sensors in a neighbouring PDU in the event of AC power source loss

Dual Ethernet Support: Dual Ethernet ports for redundant communication

Dual Network Access: Dual network connectivity allows redundancy and Multiple stack holder connectivity for up to 64 units in Ethernet cascading mode

Remote Connectivity: HTTP(s), iPV4 and iPV6, SSH, Virtual Serial, SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), JSON-RPC, LDAP(S), FTP/SFTP, RADIUS, Redfish DMTF RESTful API

WebUI Interface: Data efficient REACT framework with native mobile device support

High Accuracy Metering

Metering Attributes: Voltage(V), Current(A), Apparent Power(kVA), Real Power(kW), Power Factor, Energy (kWh)

Metering Accuracy: ± 1% to ISO/IES 62052-21

Hot-Swap Network Management Module

Microprocessor/Memory: Cortex A-5

Field Replacement: Hot swap replaceable module; fast plug-and-play connectivity

Module Orientation: Tool-less removal and 180⁰ install capable for top or bottom power cord orientation

User Display: Dual Displays: large high visibility LED display for key metering information and alarms. Low-power graphical oLED with user controls for local information.

Display Language: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (simplified)

Lighted Color Code: User programmable color border allows power source identification by PDU

Sensor and Security Supports up to 8 digital sensors for environmental sensors and/or electronic locks

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Fluid Leak Sensors

Other Sensors & Accessories


Input Metered & Outlet Switched Intelligent Rack PDU

EN2325 - 1-ph 32A 230V 20x C13 & 4x C19 Outlets

EN2326 - 1-ph 16A 230V 20x C13 & 4x C19 Outlets

EN2329 - 1-ph 32A 230V 20x C13 & 8x C19 Outlets

EN2402 - 3-ph 16A 400V 18x C13 & 6x C19 Outlets

EN2808 - 3-ph 32A 400V 12x C13 & 12x C19 Outlets

EN2810 - 3-ph 32A 400V 24x C13 & 12x C19 Outlets