Centralised Management Software

Avocent® DSView™ Management Software helps your IT and data centre operations teams overcome these challenges by providing secure sessions to remotely locate data centre infrastructure controls. Through usage of innovative Avocent® appliances, off-network controls are network enabled for secured web-browser sessions via DSView:

As a stand-alone solution, DSView delivers secured web-browser enabled sessions of on-network infrastructure controls. As an IT integrated solution, DSView delivers secured web-browser enabled sessions to Virtual Machines (VMware, MS Hyper V and Citrix Xen). As an industry proven secure, remote infrastructure management control solution, DSView has evolved a valued collection of product features, such as:

- Control at the physical firmware level for bare metal OS provisioning. 

- Control at the physical host OS level for application sessions. 

- Control at the logical VM instance level for virtualized OS and application sessions.


• Triage, diagnostics and root-cause-analysis 

• Disaster recovery 

• SLA Management 

• Application usage 


Avocent DSVIEW Software (Hub/Spoke) Minimum Requirements

Small (<1000 Target Devices)

Medium (1000-7000 Target Devices)

Large (> 7000 Target Devices)

Operating System

Browser support

Virtual Machine Support

Blades supported

KVM over IP appliances

Third-party KVM over IP appliances

Console management appliances

Power devices

Third-party power devices

Sentry Switched CDU CW-8H1, CW-8H2, CW-16V1, CW-16V2, CW-24V2, CW-24V3, CW-32VD1 and CW-32VD2 (supported models may change; contact Avocent Technical Support for current information) PDUs only supported through Ethernet Server Technology Sentry Switched devices supported via serial connections on Avocent® ACS, DSR switch and MergePoint Unity switch. 

Supported modems

The following modems and serial PCI cards are supported by the Avocent DSView software, provided the modems are supported on the Avocent DSView software server operating system.

Note: The modems listed are not supported on Sun Solaris SPARC operating systems