locking power cords

The ZONIT product family is designed to reduce risk, increase uptime, improve safety, and lower operating costs in any mission-critical application. Our innovative products are supported by an extensive set of patents that deliver unique solutions to the power distribution issues our users face when designing and operating IT facilities. From the millisecond transfer speed of our Z-ATS Micro to the Z-PDS’s rack-based power distribution architecture to the Z-LOCK’s universally compatible locking connectors, the Zonit product family is one of a kind. Each of these solutions is a first in class, best in a class answer to challenges associated with powering server, storage, and network devices. By eliminating single points of failure, nuisance power disconnects, and improperly balanced loads, Zonit’s products reduce operational risk and increase uptime. Zonit also targets operational issues of cost and safety. Our products improve energy efficiency, allow safe work in live panels, and help you manage single-corded loads one device at a time. Learn more about how Z-ATS Micro, Z-PDS and Z-LOCK can help you manage your applications more efficiently

With Z-LOCK, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your connections again. Our universally compatible, dual-locking power cords ensure your devices stay connected. Z-LOCK’s patented technology securely locks your connections on both ends of the cord regardless of the brand of PDU or manufacturer of IT hardware. It is designed to eliminate accidental disconnects, especially those caused by equipment vibration and human error. Z-LOCK is flexible and can be redeployed on future projects, regardless of the IT equipment or type of rack PDU. It is easily installed, with locking technology that requires no clips or extra hardware. Securing the power path for all devices

Zonit’s Z-LOCK and A-LOCK are the world’s first truly universal IEC locking power cords. Z-LOCK and A-LOCK are 100% compatible with your existing infrastructure. Z-LOCK locks into place on both ends of the cord, securing the power path between IT device and rack PDU regardless of brand or manufacturer. A-LOCK locks on one side, securing the power connection at the device. As with all Zonit products, Z-LOCK and A-LOCK come with industry-leading, 3-year manufacturer’s warranties.


  • Z-LOCK and A-LOCK eliminate accidental, vibration or nuisance disconnects

  • Z-LOCK and A-LOCK’s release tabs are located on either side of the plug and receptacle, not on top

  • Z-LOCK and A-LOCK’s connectors are available in a wide variety of plug and receptacle combinations

  • Z-LOCK and A-LOCK come in 10, 15, and 20-amp options

  • Z-LOCK and A-LOCK are also available in eight standard colors and nine cord lengths


  • Improve uptime by securing the power cord to the device

  • Can be used with any rack PDU or power supply, regardless of manufacturer

  • Easy to install and remove, and can be reused on future projects

The Z-ATS Micro provides you with assurance that your IT gear will remain operational through maintenance cycles or power failures, thus minimizing downtime. Designed specifically to overcome the challenges presented by single corded devices, the Z-ATS Micro automatically switches from the primary power source (A) to the backup source (B) as needed, guaranteeing redundant power to connected devices at all times. The Z-ATS Micro can switch between power sources at any phase angle, even 180 degrees out of phase. It is also a one-to-one solution, which means that there is a separate Z-ATS Micro for each IT component. Maximum reliability at the rack.


  • The Z-ATS Micro supplies A and B redundant power to single corded devices

  • The Z-ATS Micro can switch between A and B power sources at any phase angle, even 180 degrees out of phase

  • The Z-ATS Micro is a one-to-one solution, so each component uses its own Z-ATS Micro

  • The Z-ATS Micro is zero U

  • The Z-ATS Micro can be deployed in 15 to 30 seconds

As with all Zonit products, Z-ATS comes with an industry-leading, 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Provides A+B power redundancy for single-corded devices

  • Transfers at any phase angle on the A or B power feed, minimizing the risk of human error

  • Can be deployed quickly

  • Does not take up valuable rack space