Retail IT Edge - With Smart Stores The Retail Data Revolution Is More Than e-Commerce 

Helping brick-and-mortar businesses embrace clicks and orders is all about the edge of the network. You may not see it, but the influence of IT systems in today’s stores is all around you. Discover how your retail technology in the store, cloud and datacentre can be secured with solid IT infrastructure. 

Vertiv Solution to Retail IT Challenges

The IT infrastructure of retailers, including stores, fulfilment centres, office spaces, and data centres must be built to support the variety of new technology implementations in retail today. From e-commerce and buy online, pick up in-store to artificial intelligence (AI) and interactive signage, the challenge is clear. IT leaders must meet the growing demand for always-on connectivity while managing security and costs, and do it with fewer resources and tightening budgets. Vertiv can help you implement the right power, cooling, and IT management technology to tackle your toughest challenges.