Manufacturing IT Edge - Boosting Productivity and Eliminating Downtime with Industry 4.0 and IIoT Technologies  

Manufacturers are deploying IT systems across their operations—including the factory floor—to increase productivity, minimize errors and reduce equipment downtime.  Discover the infrastructure solutions that are enabling edge computing across manufacturing environments. 

Manufacturing Infrastructure Challenges

The value of IIoT and Industry 4.0 is becoming undeniable. But in most cases, enabling these technologies requires placing IT in harsh environments that lack the precisely controlled conditions conducive to efficient operation. That makes the selection of critical infrastructure essential to the success of manufacturing digitalization. 

Protecting IT Assets

Predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring can reduce maintenance costs, avert unplanned outages, and extend equipment life. But only if the IT equipment that supports these applications doesn’t suffer downtime of its own. Ensuring high IT availability requires protecting sensitive equipment from the power anomalies and environmental conditions common in manufacturing plants.

Managing IT Growth

IT expansion can only happen when the right infrastructure is in place. Integrating the power, cooling and monitoring technologies required to support edge computing in manufacturing can be time-consuming and delay the rollout of new technologies. More efficient deployment methods are required to keep projects on schedule and reduce demands on technical staff.

Visibility and Control of Edge Systems

Manufacturing plants don’t enjoy the same on-site technical resources as the company data center. Achieving desired levels of availability in the plant requires remote monitoring and access capabilities. This gives IT specialists the visibility and control they need to identify problems before they occur and resolve issues remotely.

Vertiv Solution to Retail IT Challenges

Infrastructure solutions for manufacturing must be flexible enough to adapt to a range of operating environments while delivering the reliability to minimize downtime and maintain tight production schedules. Partnering with Vertiv ensures you have access to infrastructure solutions for IT applications across the plant, supported by our expertise, experience and services.

Stay Connected

When it comes to protecting the servers and other equipment your plant relies on, Vertiv has you covered with a full range of desktop and rackmount UPS systems and rPDUs.

Fortify Your IT Infrastructure

With new demands being placed on IT equipment, legacy infrastructure may not be able to deliver the capacity or reliability required. Vertiv offers a full range of power, cooling and monitoring solutions that deliver power continuity and environmental management and monitoring.

Manage Your Network

Vertiv’s IT management solutions support secure access and control of IT and infrastructure systems for improved network management. Across devices in the same location or the entire network, Vertiv remote access solutions save valuable support time, reduce downtime and improve performance.

Expand Your Network

Managing IT growth at the edge can put a strain on internal resources if infrastructure has to be configured and integrated on site for each deployment. Vertiv™ integrated solutions provide standardized, plug-and-play solutions to IT growth that allows you to deploy faster while reducing the demands on internal resources.