Tripp-lite Rack PDU
Switched rack pdu

Tripp Lite's E-PDUMH20HVNET Single-Phase Switched Power Distribution Unit (PDU) not only provides reliable 208/230V power to 8 outlets (8 x C13), it also features advance tools such as outlet level power monitoring, outlet level power control, load shedding and auto probe.

Administrator can visualise real-time current draw via the onboard web interface for each individual outlet detailing how much power each connected IT device is drawing. 

Administrators can also remotely power control troublesome or non-responsive IT devices via the onboard web interface saving costly site visits whilst reducing downtime. 

In addition administrators can extend the UPS runtime by using the load shedding feature to automatically power off non essential IT devices to allow critical infrastructure to continue operating or allow sufficient time to safely shut down. Whilst the Auto Probe feature uses a continuous heart beat ping to check the health status of each IT devices. The administrator can configure one or more user defined actions to autonomously power cycle an IT device in the event there is no ping response after multiple communication attempts. 

Key Features

Load Ramping and Shedding 

Example: A UPS supporting sixteen network switches can provide about twenty minutes of runtime during an outage. After load shedding turns off twelve switches that aren’t essential to core network functions, runtime expands to two hours for the remaining mission-critical switches. 

Outlet LEDs 

Auto Probe for Monitoring and Rebooting Locked-up Devices

The Auto Probe feature enables a Tripp Lite LX Platform device to communicate with one or more devices on the network. The ping communication response from those devices acts as a “heartbeat” that is continuously monitored by the PDU or UPS. If the PDU or UPS cannot detect the heartbeat after multiple communication attempts, the Auto Probe will autonomously perform one or more user-configurable actions, including those that can help return the network devices to an operational state. 

Auto Probe is an extension of Tripp Lite’s network card Watchdog Probe feature. Yet unlike Watchdog Probe, which performs a reboot of itself (the web card) when triggered, Auto Probe can perform a reboot of another device by cycling the outlet(s) powering that device. 

In addition to individual load cycling, Auto Probe can be configured to perform one or more of the following actions: 

Up to 64 unique Auto Probes can be configured per device. Execution of Auto Probe actions are captured in the Event Log of the LX Platform device’s web interface.

Outlet-Level Current Monitoring 

Example: If a PDU is near capacity, and a device connected to the PDU draws the majority of the power, it helps to know which device it is in order to better accommodate it without risking an overload. Outlet-level current monitoring can also reveal how much work a device does in relation to the energy it uses, confirming whether it would be more cost-effective to upgrade to a device that delivers more work value per watt. 

Digital Load Meter for Real-time Visual Monitoring

A load meter provides the real-time load level (in amps) of connected equipment to help ensure that the PDU is used at maximum capacity without danger of overload. Total output capacity is 16A (12A/10A CE max per C13 outlet and 16A max per C19 outlet). 

2 Year Warranty and Environmentally Responsible Design

The E-PDUMH20HVNETcomes with a 2-year warranty. It’s manufactured in compliance with strict RoHS specifications, reflecting Tripp Lite’s commitment to environmental responsibility. 


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