The Advantage Series of Power Distribution Units are our most advanced PDUs bring the security and reliability users have come to expect from nVent products, with innovative features to enhance data centre management.

nVent PDUs are packed with user-friendly management features including high accuracy metering, DC power-sharing, IP cascading up to 64 PDUs, environmental sensors, and electronic security handles. The hot-swappable, toolless NMC installation ensures power is always on for every critical DC operation if you need to change or update the NMC. And the patented user-selectable color-coded LED display can be quickly and easily configured to differentiate power sources.

Upgrade your data centre today with secure and reliable Enlogic solutions backed by our worry-free, 5-year warranty with the Advantage Series of PDUS.

Combination Outlets for Maximum Flexibility

Stringent Cyber Security Assurance

Enlogic Advantage Series power distribution unit (PDU) products have recently earned certification to UL 2900 through the UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP).   

At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world, and this certification demonstrates our commitment to products that are hardened against potential cyber threats. Enlogic by nVent PDUs are among the first in the data solutions industry to achieve UL 2900 certification for data center PDUs.  

“Data and systems security is imperative in data center applications. Every network-connected device is a possible attack point for cyber criminals with the potential for data loss and downtime of key operations in infrastructure, medical and financial systems,” stated Shubhayu Chakraborty, president of nVent CIS Global by nVent. “Ensuring the Enlogic power distribution products are hardened to cyber threats is imperative to our customers’ threat mitigation.” 

UL2900 certification specifies the methods by which a product is evaluated and tested for the presence of vulnerabilities, software weaknesses and malware. It has been adopted as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard. The standard includes requirements and methods to evaluate and test network-connectable products, including: 

As the world becomes more sustainable and electrified and global demand for data continues to grow, we will continue to develop innovative solutions to connect, protect and manage heat in critical systems for our data solutions customers. From energy-efficient cooling solutions to keeping operations safe from cyber threats, we are ready to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.  

User Customisable Coloured LED Border

Almost all data center industry experts agree that color-coding PDUs are valuable to operation and overall maintenance of your data center and connected equipment. The benefits of colored PDUs are:

The Problem

And while data center management professionals overwhelmingly agree that color coding redundant power sources in a data center cabinet is beneficial, there are still drawbacks associated with colorizing PDUs:

The Enlogic Solution

Enlogic’s EN2.0 PDUs offer the industry’s quickest, and most cost-effective solution that allows users to configure custom-colored PDUs. Our Patent Pending technology comes standard on all EN2.0 PDUs and allows users to customize and change the NMC color quickly and easily to differentiate redundant power sources, reduce human error, and simplify data center operations.

The NMC color is easily configured on the NMC interface or using Enlogic’s simple web interface. Users can select from any of the bright, highly visible NMC colors: blue, red, green, yellow, magenta, cyan, white, and black. Customization of your PDUs has never been easier with Enlogic’s EN2.0.  

However, for users who are still looking to further customize their PDU chassis with any of our custom powder-coated colors, Enlogic makes the process simple and streamlined with quicker lead times than competitors.

DC Power Sharing for Always on Network & Sensor Communication


Input Metered Only Intelligent Rack PDU


Input Metered & Outlet Switched Intelligent Rack PDU


Outlet Metered & Outlet Switched Intelligent Rack PDU