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500VA - 3kVA UPS

The Vertiv™ Edge line interactive UPS family is intended for distributed IT and edge applications that require reliable, efficient power protection. Distributed and edge data centres today are no less important to business success than large centralized data centres, given their role in supporting Internet of Things, cloud computing and other crucial applications. Server, networking and storage systems in edge data centres, then, deserve the reliable, efficient power protection as traditional data centre infrastructure.  

Vertiv Edge single phase UPS

Efficient and Green

Maximise Power Protection

Flexibility and Manageability

Reliable UPS Protection at the All-Important Network Edge

The network Edge is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to take advantage of Internet of Things, cloud computing and other applications that require localised compute power, network services and data storage - all with low latency. Distributed and Edge data centres are now no less important to business success than large centralised data centres, so must be afforded similar power protection.

The Vertiv™ Edge UPS: Best-in-class battery backup and power protection for server, networking and Edge applications has models ranging from 500VA to 3000VA in mini-tower, rack/tower and rack-mount form factors. With a 0.9 power factor, controllable outlets and extended runtime options, Vertiv Edge is the right choice for protecting server and networking equipment in distributed and Edge IT applications. Available in 1U and 2U options as well as a short depth 3U 3000VA model, it can provide optimum runtime at the right size and power density in a cost-effective UPS solution. 

Edge UPSs support up to 6 extended battery cabinets (EBCs) in selected models, providing more runtime at full load than comparable competing UPSs. Edge UPSs are also easy to manage. Auto-detect features make the EBCs easy to add and configure, while a colourful, graphical LCD screen provides for easy, intuitive on-site management. 

Optional SNMP support is available and Vertiv Edge is compatible with the free Vertiv™ Power Insight software for remote management, enabling users to get status, configuration, UPS parameter data and more from anywhere via a web browser. Your UPS investment is protected by a standard 3-year warranty for both electronics and batteries. 

Mini Tower
750 VA
1000 VA
1500 VA 

Rack Mount
500 VA 1U
1000 VA 1U
1500 VA 1U

Rack / Tower
1500 VA 2U
2200 VA 2U
3000 VA 2U
3000 VA 3U 

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Power Emergency: Comprehensive Service Support for Critical Systems 

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