Micro Data Centre with Cooling

Vertiv VRC-S Micro Data Centre

The Vertiv VRC-S is a micro data centre solution fully industry-standard assembled at the factory and designed specifically for IT edge applications. Available in various configurations, the Vertiv VRC-S is delivered in days and installed in hours. Choose from four different cabinet sizes with two different cooling methods (split and self-contained) with back-up, and the option to integrate a UPS. An intelligent switching PDU including monitoring of all components and a comprehensive software package complete the offer.

You have everything you need to rapidly upgrade any space with a micro data centre to host IT edge equipment. With space to support your IT equipment and up to 3.5kW of integrated IT cooling, around a single phase 16A connection, the Vertiv VRC-S lets you quickly, easily, and confidently put IT wherever you need it. 

Piecing together the various components of an IT solution, for your edge applications, can be a major challenge for today’s busy IT managers. From specifying the right components, to waiting for a custom solution to be built, or integrating the appropriate cooling, UPS, PDU, and monitoring, the process consumes time and resources that you don’t always have to spare. 

The new Vertiv VRC-S takes the legwork and wait time out of the equation. It offers a factory-integrated, micro data centre solution that ships in days and can be installed within hours. You get a plug-and-play IT solution that reliably and efficiently satisfies your edge IT requirements, and comes with the added peace of mind of a three-year warranty, covering every component of the system

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Customise your Vertiv VRC-S Micro Data Centre

The Vertiv VRC-S rack cooling unit includes all the components of a state-of-the-art micro data centre, pre-integrated to work seamlessly to meet your requirements and simplify IT management for your edge applications. Simply add a compatible UPS and your choice of accessories, and your complete edge IT solution is ready to power your business. Below are several recommendations for customizing your micro data centre. 

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At Vertiv we believe that sustainable product design, development, use, and disposal are critical to the longevity of our industry and the greater world. Checkout the sustainability features of the Vertiv™ VRC-S :

Vertiv™ VRC-S Services

Complete Range of Service Programs Including On-Site Services Support/Maintenance Programs 

White Glove On-site Services: Get your system off to the best possible start Factory-trained Vertiv Services technicians can provide professional installation and start-up of your Vertiv™ VRC-S. This simplifies the process and eliminates any concerns you may have about correctly, safely, and efficiently installing your equipment, which can be especially valuable for multisystem installations and multi-site rollouts. Vertiv factory-trained technicians perform the complete start-up checklist and ensure your rack cooling unit is operating flawlessly from the get-go. As experts in the Vertiv VRC-S and all of its components, no one knows the equipment and installation process more intimately than Vertiv Services. You can trust your knowledgeable installation team to get the job done right, on time, and to answer any questions you and your on-site personnel may have. This ensures you’re prepared to fully enjoy the many benefits of your new micro data centre system out of the box. At Vertiv Services, we stand by our equipment and strive to leave you completely satisfied with your purchase and installation process. 

On-site Service Programs includes: 

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Optimise Performance, Extend the Life of Your Micro Data Centre and Provide 24/7 Remote Support.
Maintenance and Support programs include a 24x7 professional helpline and grant response within an agreed time frame, providing either the component replacement or the on-site intervention of a Vertiv technician. 

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