Eaton Smartrack 42u
Standard depth Server rack enclosure



Standard-Depth 42U Server Cabinet Accommodates 19 in. Rack Equipment
This SmartRack® 42U rack enclosure is designed for server rooms, IT closets, micro data centers, edge computing applications and other environments with essential rack-mount IT equipment. Constructed from heavy-duty steel with a durable black powder-coated finish, the SR42UB has a maximum stationary load capacity of 3000 pounds (1363 kilograms) and a maximum rolling load capacity of 2250 pounds (1022 kilograms).

Keeps Important Equipment Secure
The reversible front and back doors and removable side panels lock securely with the included keys to help prevent damage, tampering or theft. The doors and side panels are designed for quick release, making it simple to access connected equipment and cabling with little effort. Convenient top access ports and an open bottom allow easy cable routing through the cabinet. The vented doors allow generous airflow from front to rear to keep your equipment cool and functioning at its peak.

Easy Enclosure and Equipment Installation
This 42U server rack comes fully assembled for quick and easy deployment with pre-installed (and removable) casters that let you maneuver it over a level surface and through a standard doorway into position, where it can be stabilized by adjusting the levelers (also removable). Front and rear mounting rails accept standard rack equipment up to 37 inches (940 millimeters) deep. Toolless 0U mounting rails allow quick installation of up to four compatible PDUs and vertical cable managers.

Designed for Baying Multiple Enclosures in a Row
Built-in baying brackets allow the combination of two or more rack cabinets in a row. Center-to-center width can be set at 24 inches (600 millimeters) to match standard data center floor tiles.

Meets Payment Card Industry Standards
The SR42UB provides physical equipment and media security required for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. This is essential for companies that process, store and/or transmit credit card information.

Package Includes


Server Rack Cooling 

Part Number Description 

E-SRXFAN3U     SmartRack 3U Fan Panel - 3 208-240V high-performance fans; 315 CFM; C14 inlet 

E-SRXFANROOF SmartRack Roof-Mounted Fan Panel - 6 208/240V high-performance fans; 420 CFM; C14 inlet

Cable Management 

Part Number     Description 

E-SRCABLEDUCT1U SmartRack 1U Horizontal Cable Manager - Finger duct with cover 

E-SR1UBRUSH SmartRack 1U Cable Pass-Through Panel with Brush Strip 

E-SRCABLEDUCTVRT SmartRack 6 ft. (1.83 m) Vertical Cable Manager - Double finger duct with cover & toolless mounting

E-SRCABLELADDER SmartRack 10-ft. x 1-ft. (3 m x 0.3 m) Cable Ladder, 2 sections -SRCABLETRAY / SRLADDERATTACH needed 

E-SRCABLETRAY   SmartRack Roof-Mounted Cable Trough - Provides cable routing and power/data cable segregation

E-SRCABLETRAYEXP   SmartRack Roof-Mounted Cable Trough Vertical Expansion Plates - Requires SRCABLETRAY

E-SRCABLERING1U SmartRack 1U Horizontal Cable Manager - Flexible ring type

E-SRCABLERING2U SmartRack 2U Horizontal Cable Manager - Flexible ring type 

E-SRCABLERINGVRT SmartRack 6 ft. (1.83 m) Vertical Cable Manager - Flexible ring type & toolless mounting 


Part Number     Description 

E-SR1UPANEL10   SmartRack 1U Blanking Panel Kit, Toolless-Mounting, 10 pieces

E-SR1UPANEL200 SmartRack 1U Blanking Panel Kit, Toolless-Mounting, 200 piece 

E-SR1UPANEL50 SmartRack 1U Blanking Panel Kit, Toolless-Mounting, 50 pieces

E-SRBOLTDOWN   SmartRack Bolt-Down Kit - Secures stabilizing brackets or plates to facility floor  

E-SRCAGENUT5MM  SmartRack Square Hole Hardware Kit with 50 M5 screws and washers 

E-SRCAGENUTS   SmartRack Square Hole Hardware Kit with 50 M6 screws and washers 

E-SRCAGENUTS1224   SmartRack Square Hole Hardware Kit with 50 pcs 12-24 screws and washers 

E-SRCASTERHDKIT   SmartRack Heavy-Duty Rolling Caster Kit, 4 pack 

E-SRCOMBO   SmartRack Front/Rear Door Handles with Combination Lock & Bypass Key, 2-pack

E-SREXTENDER SmartRack Rack Enclosure Extension Frame - Increases rack external & max mounting Deep 

E-SRFILTER SmartRack Enclosure Filter Kit 

E-SRPAGODARAOOF SmartRack Drip Resistant Roof 

E-SRSHELF2P   SmartRack 2U Cantilever Fixed Shelf (60 lbs / 27.2 kgs capacity; 18-in. / 457 mm Deep) 

E-SRSHELF4PHD SmartRack Heavy-Duty Fixed Shelf (250 lbs / 113.4 kgs capacity; 26 in/660 mm Deep)

E-SRSHELF4PKYBD  SmartRack Keyboard Shelf (25 lbs / 11.3 kgs capacity; 16 in / 406 mm Deep) 

E-SRSHELF4PSL SmartRack Standard Sliding Shelf (50 lbs / 22.7 kgs capacity; 28.3 in/719 mm Deep) 

E-SRSHELF4PSLHD SmartRack Heavy-Duty Sliding Shelf (200 lbs / 90.7 kgs capacity; 28.3 in/719 mm Deep)

E-SRSTABILIZE SmartRack Anti-Tip Stabilizing Plate Kit - Provides extra stability for standalone enclosures 

E-SRSWITCH SmartRack Magnetic front and rear Door Switch Kit; requires ENVIROSENSE, TLNETEM, E2MTHDI or E2MTDI

E-SRTHERMDUCT SmartRack Thermal Duct Kit for SmartRack Enclosure 

E-SRVRTVAR SmartRack 42U Vertical Cable Management Bar

E-UPSHDEARKIT Heavy-Duty 2-post Front Mounting Ear Kit