Eaton Rack PDU
E-Series G4 Intelligent Rack PDU

The growth of Generative AI, cloud and hybrid IT architectures, edge computing and other trends has accelerated the demand for versatile approaches to power management in data centres globally. The new G4 rack PDU is designed to meet data center operators’ needs for greater efficiency and reliability in the deployment of PDUs on a global scale. And, with Eaton’s secure-by-design approach to cybersecurity at the forefront, customers can have greater confidence that their critical data will be safeguarded from attacks.

The G4 Rack PDU has a small footprint that saves space for revenue-generating equipment 

Industry-leading, high-density 0U mounted PDU that provides 24, 42 or 48 evenly distributed outlets on a 42U chassis. Its low-profile circuit breakers are flush with the chassis, and its narrow, single-wide (2 in.) width provides multiple mounting options. 

Feature Focus

Rated for any rack IT infrastructure 

With its universal input, versatile C39 outlets and global approval, Eaton’s G4 universal input rack PDU (G4 UPDU) is a single solution  equipped to meet the most diverse data center rack power needs. With basic, metered input and managed models available, this PDU accommodates single and three-phase power in 208V and 415/240V environments, as well as equipment with a variety of connectors and power demands. The G4 UPDU includes all the sophisticated management capabilities you expect from an Eaton PDU and can easily be deployed into a single data center or a global project across multiple locations—saving time, reducing costs and simplifying power management.

Power almost any equipment, anywhere  

Universal input
A single solution equipped to meet the most diverse data centre rack power needs. The G4 UPDU has power ratings from 3 kW up to 23 kW and single or three-phase power options. It can be paired with any one of  17 detachable input cables with 15 different plugs. By accommodating rack equipment with a broad range of power needs, it alleviates the cost and complexity of mixing and matching different PDUs for different installations and helps ensure you don’t outgrow your PDU as power needs evolve. 

Outlets that give you options
High retention, P-lock compatible C39 outlets on the G4 UPDU allow both C14 and C20 plugs, adding flexibility to deployments and reducing the quantity of PDUs you will need to purchase and install. Fewer PDUs also means more rack space for revenue generating equipment.   

Hot swappable network module
The hot-swappable Gigabit Network Module (GNM) module can be removed or upgraded without interrupting power to the PDU. With dual GbE ports, you can easily cascade up to 40 PDUs and share the same network connection with individual IP addresses, simplifying management, freeing up space and cutting costs. (excludes basic models) 

Market leading cybersecurity
The G4 Rack PDU includes a user-configurable firewall. Managed and metered input models offers market-leading cybersecurity capabilities, including zero-trust architecture and zero-touch provisioning via the integrated gigabit network module and the only PDU on the market with UL 2900-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity certifications. 

Global approval
The G4 UPDU meets standards used all over the world, so you can source a single PDU chassis globally and pair it with cables rated for  the voltage requirements at each destination.

Enhanced security 

Managed and metered input G4 UPDU models include a user configurable firewall. Their embedded, hot-swappable gigabit network module (GNM) offers market-leading cybersecurity capabilities, including  zero-trust architecture and zero-touch provisioning that facilitates security updates and reduces human error.

Maximize control 

Outlet-level management boosts performance and efficiency
The G4 UPDU offers options for metering, monitoring and switching  at the outlet level for granular power data and precise management  of power delivery. This oversight lets you prioritize loads and control  inrush through power-on sequencing. It also lets you remotely power  cycle unresponsive equipment and power off unused outlets to prevent  the PDU from powering unauthorized equipment. 

The G4 UPDU’s outlet-level alerts and remote control will help you  respond faster to power issues and improve uptime, especially in  remote and/or lightly staffed facilities.   

Remote management saves time and money
The G4 UPDU can be managed* via web browser or SNMP integration  into DCIM. You can also utilize management software from Eaton’s  Brightlayer Data Centers suite or third-party management systems.  Remote PDU management reduces or eliminates costly on-site visits  and frees up resources for other tasks—especially critical in edge  of network and distributed IT installations. 

Simplify installation 

Small footprint saves space for revenue-generating equipment
The G4 UPDU has 24- and 42-outlet models. It includes end-entry input options and evenly distributed outlets along its 42U chassis. Its low-profile circuit breakers are flush with the chassis and its narrow, single-wide  (2 in.) width provides multiple mounting options. The G4 UPDU and attached cabling are designed to cohabit as seamlessly as possible  with other rack equipment. 

Painless box-to-rack experience
The G4 UPDU’s toolless mounting buttons offer multiple mounting  options to fit your rack’s layout and power needs. It can be mounted  front- or side-facing by simply moving the mounting buttons. Its hot-swappable GNM* can be removed without interrupting power.  You can cascade up to 40 units with individual IP addresses, simplifying management and cutting costs. *Excludes basic mode

Input cable options 

Interchangeable 6ft or 10ft cables have locking 8-pin connectors and 15 different plug types. (sold separately)

Maximise your investment with software

The Brightlayer Data Centre Suit: A brighter vision for your IT infrastructure 

G4 UPDU managed and metered models feature a built-in GNM that is compatible with software from Eaton’s Brightlayer Data Centers suite. When used together, these hardware/software solutions provide deep and insightful intelligence into your IT power to streamline your operations and prepare for future needs. They also enable extensive automation and remote management that shortens response times  to power issues and ensures timely updates for stronger cybersecurity.  This includes Distributed IT Performance Management (DITPM) and Data Center Performance Management (DCPM) software, and our cloud-based Remote Monitoring Service, also known as PredictPulse™, which is an around-the-clock service that aggregates data from your G4 rack PDUs and dispatches an Eaton field technician when a critical event occurs. 

Plan and Protect

Data compilation across fleets of PDUs and other compatible infrastructure puts valuable planning information just  a click away. Remote monitoring and automated actions such as field technician dispatches and graceful shutdown during power events protect data and reinforce uptime.

Operate Efficiently

Enhanced insights into power infrastructure capacity  and asset lifecycles help you run leaner and scale up or down with agility—providing better control of your TCO and ROI.

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